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Written by Holly Hamilton. Posted in Marin County

marin smith machineAre you currently trying to buy a top quality smith machine for a commercial, institution or home exercise space in Marin? Then take a look at 360 Fitness Superstore. 360 Fitness is the Bay Area’s leading provider of the greatest smith machines at the best cost. 360 Fitness offers top quality smith machines which will operate really well inside your Marin gym for many years and also at an competitive cost. If this involves quality and cost in smith machines in Marin, we’ve got the competition beat each time. And that’s a promise.

Smith Machines in Marin – What are they?

If you’ve ever entered a gym in Marin or elsewhere you’ve unquestionably seen a smith machine, also known as a power cage or a power rack whether you understood what it’s known as or otherwise. As you can tell in the picture above, a smith machine is really a barbell fixed with rails that permit only vertical movement. Some versions on smith machines that exist for the gym in Marin permit just a little movement backwards or forwards. Smith machines can be used for a multitude of exercises, most particularly a squat, because the barbell is bound it enables you to definitely perform these exercises easier and with no anxiety about falling over.

Smith Machines in Marin – Ideal for self spotting solo workout routines

Behind each vertical bar that you may have in your smith machine in Marin is a number of slots that you can hook the barbell to. This means that when you’re exercising at your hone gym in Marin and using a smith machine that its not necessary to re-rack the barbell after some repetitions. And also, since lifting requires less stabilization, when utilizing a smith machine at the gym in Marin, you are able to lift more weight.

Smith Machines in Marin – Call 360 Fitness Today!

Give 360 Fitness a phone call today and our friendly staff can help you discover the smith machine which will go very best in your gym in Marin. We’ll provide the smith machine and do the installation on-site at the Marin gym. Thanks!

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