Cross Training & WODs – The Basics

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Cross Training gear

Cross Training is one of the most exciting exercise trends to come along in awhile. Started in 2000 by Greg Glassman, today there are approximately 3,400 Cross Training affiliated Gyms and countless Cross Training practitioners worldwide. What is Cross Training, and what are WODs? Cross Training is a strength and conditioning program that is “constantly varied, ...

New Indoor Cycles in Napa

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spin machines in napa ca

Are you looking to buy a new spin bike for your home or office in Napa, CA? Spin bikes or spin cycles are one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the exercise equipment market. Spinning cycles are very popular for a variety of reasons. One reason spin bikes are so popular in Napa is ...

Outdoor Fitness Zones in City Parks

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ftiness zone

Have you noticed the new outdoor gym's in city parks throughout the nation? According to USA Today, free outdoor Fitness Zones are the latest weapon in fighting the nation's obesity epidemic. These new Fitness Zones have traditional machines from ellipticals, leg-press and sit-up benches. They're being installed in city parks, often in poorer neighborhoods that ...

Home Gym Machines in Walnut Creek CA

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walnut creek ca home gym machine store

Walnut Creek CA Home Gym Machine Store Are you attempting to obtain a total body workout from the comfort of your Walnut Creek home? Then you may want to consider searching for your new home gym machine at 360 Fitness Superstore. 360 Fitness offers the very best quality home gyms in Walnut Creek for advantageous deals. We ...

Cross Training Equipment for Working Out in Napa

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Napa CA Cross Training workout equipment

Just like many individuals in Napa you're most likely into physical fitness and you’ve most likely discovered Cross Training. Cross Training, the fitness company founded in 2000, has taken the country by storm. The buzz around the new fitness trend has brought about the start of a number of Cross Training gyms, including Cross Training ...

High Quality Treadmills in Danville

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danville ca high quality treadmills

Danville CA High Quality Treadmills Residing in Danville, physical fitness is probably very important to you, whether you've been in the position to devote enough time to it lately. Among the best methods to promote personal health and remain in shape is with a brand new top quality treadmill from 360 Fitness Superstore. 360 Fitness, an ...

The Finest Elliptical Machines in Alamo

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alamo ca elliptical cross trainer store

Alamo CA Finest Elliptical Machine Store 360 Fitness is Alamo's leading elliptical machine store and we want to help you discover the elliptical fitness trainer that best matches your requirements. Elliptical Machines - A reduced effect cardio workout program for Alamo Elliptical machines offer a low impact, high quality cardio exercise that you could receive from the convenience ...



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