CycleOps 400 Pro Indoor Cycle

CycleOps 400 Pro Indoor Cycle




CycleOps' highest model in this line, the 400 Pro Indoor Cycle can easily duplicate the demands of a cross-country race or a serious ride. The technological end result of over ten years of research and development in its category, the 400 Pro combines the wishlists of cyclists of all levels into one revolutionary indoor cycling machine. Indoor cycling doesn't have to mean a loss of adrenaline. The 400 Pro lets you relive that epic ride any day of the week, rain or shine. Features include the ability to control target power, slope or gearing with dedicated resistance control, PowerTap technology for +/-1.5% accurate power feedback, and the Joule™ 3.0 computer system, which offers three modes of performance training: dashboard, reports and activities.

  • Features

    This fascinating piece of fitness equipment has all the best things about the models that came before it. This includes the ability to condition everyone from expertly trained cyclists to amateurs who use it to get fit in their spare time around the house. 

    • The stable platform ensures that no matter how hard you ride, or how tumultuous the programs settings you create, the bike will remain stable, reliable, and last for a lifetime.
    • It’s freewheel motion makes it so that at any time users can coast, catch their breath, check out the data on the console, take a drink, and then get back into the workout.
    • The construction is so modern, and ensures that people get not only a truly effective and efficient workout or training session, but don’t risk injury in the process.
    • PowerTap technology makes it a sinch to use and abuse, with a +/-1.5% accuracy rating in terms of feedback.
  • Specifications


    • Joule 3.0* offers three modes of performance training: dashboard, reports and activities
    • Duplicate the demands of a race or ride
    • Control target power, slope or gearing with dedicated resistance control
    • PowerTap technology provides +/-1.5% accurate power feedback
    • Four points of adjustment to duplicate the fit of your outdoor bike.
    • Freewheeling hub lets you stop pedaling and coast whenever your pace dictates to recover between efforts.
    • Precise resistance control lets you dial up the difficulty level for whatever intensity you can dish out.
    • Freewheeling hub lets you stop pedaling and coast whenever your pace dictates to recover between efforts.
    • Stable platform for sprinting workouts or hill climbs.
    • Dual capacity water bottle holder to keep you hydrated for the long haul.
    • Road-style handlebars to recreate the feel of your road bike
    • Aero-style handlebars available for purchase separately
    • 48-pound flywheel
    • CycleOps saddle included
    • Saddle and pedals can be swapped out for a more customized ride.
    • Wireless data transfer
    • NOTE: Pedals are available separately.


    *Joule 3.0 with the 400 Pro displays:  

    Controlled Resistance 

    • target power
    • target slope gearing 



    • current watts
    • average watts
    • maximum watts
    • watts/Kg
    • average watts without zeroes
    • kilojoules


    Training zones  

    • current power zone
    • current heart rate zone
    • current RPE zone  


    Peak power  

    • 5 second peak power
    • 5 minute peak power
    • 20 minute peak power 


    Training scores  

    • Total Training Score (TSS)
    • NP
    • Internsity Factore (IF) 



    • current revolutions per minute (rpm)
    • average rpm
    • maximum rpm  


    Heart rate  

    • current beats per minute (bpm)
    • average bpm
    • maximum bpm 


    Heart rate percentage of maximum or threshold  

    • current percentage
    • average percentage
    • maximum percentage  



    • current miles per hour (mph) or current kilometers per hour (kph)
    • average mph or average kph
    • maximum mph or maximum kph   



    • ride time
    • total miles or kilometers
    • clock

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