LifeSpan TR5000-DT7 Treadmill Desk

LifeSpan TR5000-DT7 Treadmill Desk





The TR5000-DT7 is a high-use treadmill desk built for those looking to walk for long periods throughout the day or use in community settings. The desk allows you to easily and conveniently adjust the desktop height with its electric height adjustment feature and includes memory support for two user settings. Unlike most of the other treadmill desks, the thicker walking belt requires little to no maintenance and belt lubrication. Additionally, the TR5000-DT7 is Bluetooth-enabled letting you wirelessly sync and track activity with your apps and the LifeSpan Club — one free membership is included with your purchase.

  • Included Club Membership

    A full membership in LifeSpan Club is included with each treadmill desk. A one-stop shop for all of your health and activity information, this account securely connects with your desk’s built-in Bluetooth to collect all of your activity data, and display progress towards your personal health goals.

    Bluetooth Connectivity with LifeSpan Apps

    The treadmill desk is Bluetooth-enabled to wirelessly sync your activity data to your Mac computer or Android device using one of our free apps. Use your app to track steps taken, walking time, calories burned and distance traveled as you walk. Then sync your data with your online Club account to record your walking history.

    Electric Height Adjustment Desk

    The treadmill desk comfortably fits users from 4'10" to 6'8" tall. The stable desktop frame is unattached from the treadmill and stands alone, ensuring that any movement of the treadmill stays isolated and is not transferred to the desktop. The desk allows users to easily and conveniently adjust the desktop height with its electric height adjustment feature and includes memory support for two user height settings.

    Easy Access Console

    This console is located for easy access without taking away your desktop area. The digital LED display shows steps taken, walking time, calories burned, distance traveled and walking belt speed. The console has a safety key that shuts down the treadmill when removed. The padded armrests add comfort and support to help avoid wrist fatigue during long work sessions.

    Heavy Duty Workspace

    The desktop has a 1" thick composite board and durable laminate surface set on a rigid steel frame. It is large enough to hold all of your electronic devices and still have ample room for other personal items.

    Sturdy Aluminum Rails and Walking Belt

    The 1" reversible commercial grade deck and aluminum top extrusion rails give you long lasting durability. Aluminum provides the strength and toughness needed for longer hours of use, making it perfect for multiple users.

    Unlike our other treadmill desks, the 2.5mm thick belt requires little to no maintenance and lubrication.

    Intelli-Guard™ and Intelli-Step™ Features

    The TR5000-DT7 comes standard with two of LifeSpan trademarked technologies: The built-in Intelli-Guard pauses the belt if you step off during your workout. When your foot no longer continuously strikes the belt surface for 20 seconds, your treadmill will automatically pause. The Intelli-Step feature counts and records the number of steps you take and displays them on the console. This feature automatically detects the impact of your foot striking the treadmill belt. Increasing step count is one of the foundations of the American Heart Association’s recommendations for improving heart and overall health.

  • Owner's Manual TR5000-DT7 Treadmill Desk Manual

    Belt Size

    20" W x 56" L (50.8cm W x 142.2cm L)

    Belt Type

    2.5mm Upgraded Thick Belt

    Deck Suspension

    6 Compression Shocks


    1" (2.54cm) Phenolic with Brace

    Drive Motor

    3 HP Continuous Duty AC


    0.4 - 4.0 MPH (0.64 - 6.4 KPH)


    Assembled Treadmill Desk: 70.5" D x 46.75" W (179cm D x 118.7cm W)
    Desktop: 36.5" D x 46.75" W (92.7cm D x 118.7cm W)

    Product Weight

    Treadmill: 145 lbs. (65.8 kg) Desk: 130 lbs. (58.9 kg)

    Step-Up Height

    6" (15.24cm)

    Max. User Weight

    400 lbs. (181.4 kg)

    Side Rails

    Aluminum Side Rails

    Height Adjustment

    36"-52" (supports users 4'10" - 6'8")

    Desktop Surface

    1" (2.54cm) Thick HD Composite Board

    Desktop Materials

    Durable Laminate

    Height Adjustment Method


    Desk Lift Speed

    25 mm/second

    Desk Height Memory

    2 Pre-Sets

    Desk Reset Funtion



    Ten hours average daily usage

    • Frame: Lifetime
    • Motor: 3 Years
    • Parts: 2 Years
    • Labor: 1 Year
  • Bluetooth

    Includes Bluetooth to support LifeSpan apps.

    Console Readouts

    Distance traveled, calories burned, time and step count


    Automatically pauses the treadmill belt when you step off, minimizing the risk of injury.


    Step counting feature works like a pedometer and counts your steps while you walk.

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